Brewbaker Intermediate is a QUEST Site
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Brewbaker Intermediate is a QUEST (Questioning, Understanding, Enriching, Seeking, and Thinking) Site. QUEST is the gifted program for elementary students in grades 3 and above in the traditional elementary school. The QUEST Program strives to provide opportunities and enriched experiences beyond traditional classroom academics.  In the QUEST Program, students are provided opportunities for learning the skills underlying the thinking process, for experiencing an understanding for the world's people and their relationships to each other, for exploring personal futures, and for the independent quest of knowledge in areas of interest. The differentiated curriculum is designed to mesh with and extend the regular school curriculum. QUEST emphasizes student-initiated learning and offers academic challenges through enriched content, long-term projects, and interaction with intellectual peers.  The quest curriculum includes humanities/literature, science/math, visual arts, thinking skills, computers/technology, and research.

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